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By: aaesafetyinstructortraining | June 15, 2015

Questions about instructor Training Programs    

-I see that in the instructor agreement that the certification is only good for 2 years. Does this mean the course needs to be completed again after 2 years or that an audit must be completed in order to keep the certification as an instructor?

answer: after 2 years, if the instructor has remained current, all they require to recertify is an audit.  The cost of this would be $595.00

-What would the cost of an onsite audit of a class be to meet your requirements?

answer: The 6 month audit is included in the cost of the initial instructor course.  The initial instructor course is $1495.00

- Confirm course manuals are at $40/student?

Anwer: that is correct

- Confirm that the presentation material packa...

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By: aaesafetyinstructortraining | June 05, 2015

What are the benefits of becoming a Safety Training Instructor?  Increasingly workplaces are required to provide specific safety training to their emloyees.  It is no longer acceptable to simply send an employee to a generic safety class.  The workers must be taught about the job specific safety rules, and procedures.  Additionally, the employer must determine if the worker is competent in the task.  For example, in the case of fall protection, the employer must observe the worker using the fall protection equipment and ensure they are using it properly.  They must record this and keep a record.