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By: aaesafetyinstructortraining | June 15, 2015

Questions about instructor Training Programs    

-I see that in the instructor agreement that the certification is only good for 2 years. Does this mean the course needs to be completed again after 2 years or that an audit must be completed in order to keep the certification as an instructor?

answer: after 2 years, if the instructor has remained current, all they require to recertify is an audit.  The cost of this would be $595.00

-What would the cost of an onsite audit of a class be to meet your requirements?

answer: The 6 month audit is included in the cost of the initial instructor course.  The initial instructor course is $1495.00

- Confirm course manuals are at $40/student?

Anwer: that is correct

- Confirm that the presentation material package is part of the trainer training. 

Answer: the Instructor Training Program comes with lesson plans, various videos, and a power point, that match the student manual.  

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